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Brutal weather

Fri Dec 16, 2016, 8:53 AM
Yesterday it was extremely cold! It was in the 20's. However, it was going to feel like 12 below to 0º outside. It might have been sunny and clear, which is what I love. I do love a clear sunny day, but not when it is too cold to be outside. The times I went outside, my gloves did not keep my hands warm. So, I had to run hot water on my hands just to get all of the feeling back in them. I even went outside last night to find my lost flashlight in the cross base, but I didn't see it down there. Why was it in the cross base you may ask?: A family friend was putting insulation underneath the house and I let him borrow my flashlight.

But, I when I took a look last night, it wasn't there, so that makes me happy. Regardless, it was freezing out there!Brrrr..These Cold..Onion Cold fella (Reactions) 

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December 16, 2016


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